10 Bible Verses about Love

1 John 4:16, Holy Bible, NIV

Be eager to live in relationship with God. He gives love to you and make you a force for love in this world. Learn all...

Jeremiah 31:3, Holy Bible, NIV

God is moving towards you in a special way - He wants to show you his Love and Mercy in a special way each...

John 13:34-35, Holy Bible, NIV

Take care of other brothers and sisters in Christ. This will be a strong witness about God´s transforming power and his mercy. Learn all 10...

Romans 12:9, Holy Bible, NIV

Use all your strengh to be close to God´s Love. It will protect your Life from evil things. Learn all 10 verses about Love:

1 John 3:18, Holy Bible, NIV

Let the Love God has given you be shaped into action. Learn all 10 verses about Love:

Isaiah 54:10, Holy Bible, NIV

God is looking on your life with Compassion and Love. Be strong and take one more step forward! Learn all 10 verses about Love:

1 Corinthians 13:4-7,13, Holy Bible, NIV

Faith, Hope and Love is important, but remember that Love is the greatest of them. It is a strong force for change in your...

Psalms 118:1, Holy Bible, NIV

People can hurt you, but remember that God is good and He will be by your side. Learn all 10 verses about Love:
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